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Instructor: Janelle Ostronic   
Math Newsletters
In the resources Portion at the bottom of this webpage is a folder labeled Math Newsletters. Here is a parent resource designed to explain what we are learning that week in Math. Some new concepts such as number bonds, subatizing, ten frame....are part of our new common core vocabulary and these newsletters do a great job of explaining them.
Upcoming Early Kinder Day
There is an upcoming Early Kinder Day on February 19. Students arrive at the kinder playground at 8:35 and are dismissed in front of our classroom at 12:20. All parents/Guardians that have other siblings will need to wait off campus until the upper-grade bell dismisses at 12:55. Thank you.

Also note that the upcoming Minimunm Day for Wildwood for Collaboration does not effect our P.M. Kindergartenrs. We will be attending at our regular times 11:25-3:05 and pick up will remian the same.
Picture Day Tomorrow February 17
Picture Day is tomorrow February 17. If your child was not present for pictures at the beginning of the year he/she will take a photo at this time. These pictures are at parents request and an order form must be filled out and pre paid tomorrow.
Even if your child is not taking an individual photo we will ALL be taking a class photo for our yearbook.
Thank you so much for your commitment to our school.
Valentines Celebration
As a kindergarten team we have decided that students will leave the to section blank insetad of writing the classes names. We have 24 students in our class. Valentines celebration starts at 2:00pm....Thank you so much for all of your help
Coming back to school
Reminder.School starts back on Tuesday the 5th. See you then.
These are a few of my Favorite Things....
Recently I have had some parents that have asked me what some of my favorites are and I thought I'd post a little favorites list online.
Mrs. Ostronic's Favorites:
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite candy: Kit kats, strawberry twizzlers
​Favorite sports team: Steelers
Favorite sent: Coconut/lavender
Favorite drink: Coffee ( I am a die hard Starbucks and Queen Bean Fan)
Favorite food: Sushi
Favorite Movie: Any kind of Musical (I love them all)
Favorite student: HAHA......gotcha....I love all of my little buggies equally.
Favorite ice cream: Chocolate.
Favorite activity: Spending time with my son and my husband and our 2 cats.

Hope this helps. :)
PTA announcements
PTA and student council will be colling toys for our Spark of Love Toy Drive. We are also still collecting box tops and pop tops. PTA is still taking memberships and donations and is selling Krickorian Tickets at an excellent price. Please ask the front office for more details and envelopes.
Holiday Festivities
There are many wonderful activities coming up!Here are just a few reminders.
Tuesday is our Santa Shop day. If you would like to help out with wrapping during this time you must have a megan's law filled out in the office.
You may send money with your student that morning in an envelope along with each person the child is buying for and an amount for each.( The envelope you received last week has all of this information already on it.

We are spending this week talking about Chanukah and Kwannza and next week Chrsitmas.
Our holiday celebration signups will be posted this week and our celebration will take place on Dec. 17th which is a Thursday at 2:00. There is no school for students on Dec. 18th.
Thanksgiving Feast "Pilgrim Potluck"
As a correction on our Monthly newsletter our feast will be on Friday November 20th....not the 21st.

Sign ups for items will start on Nov. 9th and will be posted for that whole week.
Items to think about: We usually make turkey sandwiches for the feast but the items have to be seperately purchased ( Hawiian rolls, sliced turkey, cheese slices) and then assembled at the school as per our health code. Reminder we have a walnut/nut allergy and all items must be bought and contain a food label of ingredients.
Health-o-ween celebration
Our Kindergarten Health-o-ween is fast approaching and we have few reminders:
Costumes: No Scary costumes ( costumes that depict blood or are related to any violent movies). No drip hair color( Dye that runs) No Weapons. Costumes must follow WES dress code and allow the student to resume regular activities during the school day.
Snacks: On this celebration we focus on Healthy snacks. If you signed up to bring an item make sure that you bring enough for the entire class 25 students. Any leftovers will be happily devoured by our wonderful parent helpers! Reminder: we have peanut and apple allergies in this classroom.
Volunteers: Parent volunteers to help with the celebration are always welcome. Please have your Megans Law on file and sign in at the front desk at 11:30....our celebration will take place at 11:40 and end at dismissal.
Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon week is next week!
It is during this time that we as a school promote healthy living and a drug free future. Please see attached flyer that went home on Monday.
Pumpkin Project
Instead of a homework project for the week of October 26-29 some of the kinder teachers and myslef have come up with a fun project for our students to do. On Wed. your student was sent home a flyer explaining the assignment. I have also included a duplicate here.

Each student is responsiable for creating a pumpkin based on a favorite book character. The attached bubble map with adjectives that describe the character must be filled out by the student. I am looking forward to seeing all of their wonderful creativity on Thursday October 29th!
Thank you
Thank you sooo much for our wonderful; Pumpkin Patch Parent Turnout. You were all so helpful and I am truly thankful to each and every one of you.

Don't Forget our Fall Festival this weekend . If you signed up to bring an item or volunteer service time please come by our face painting/hair painting booth!

Reminder that we are doing a STAR Wars themed basket for our classroom's Basket auction to take place at the Fall Festival. Please donate items to our basket ($1-25) examples: Wookie T-shirt, movie Tickets, Light Saber, Darth Vader mask....etc. I have already started the basket with a whole bunch of wonderful items ! It is located in our classroom on the back table.
Spelling Checks- Turn in
Please make sure that Spelling Checks are being turned in on Mondays. Take the weekend to view your child's score and review what he/she has not mastered. Remember these wil be given every week adding by one letter and one word per week. I will not test on a letter/word wall word that has not been previously learned in class( in the homework).
These go home FRIDAY and come back MONDAY signed to show that you have seen them and know what to review with your student.
Pumpkin Patch Field Trip
Notices have been sent home regarding our upcoming trip to Greenspot Farm Pumpkin Patch. We are requesting $9.00 per student to cover admission and snack. Chaperones are greatly encouraged and are $8.00 per parent. No siblings are allowed on this field trip and Megans laws are required for all parent volunteers.
All money ( student and chaperone) must be turned in no later than October 12.

Arrive at school no later than 8:15 am.( bus= no parents, but directions will be provided and carpools are greatly encouraged)
We will arrive back at school at 12:20 for pick up.
Parents wishing to take their students home straight from the pumkin patch will have to fill out an early release form prior to the field trip and it will count as an early release against classroom attendance. (Please see Mrs. Ostronic for more information)
Thank you
copies of the field trip forms may be found here.


Candle Sales
Thank you so much for Selling so many candles! We made almost $100 to use towards the class! We have such awesome kindergartners!
Star of the Week Procedures
A request was made for me to post Star of the week proceedures:
A star of the week is chosen every week( all students alphabetically) and that student remains the star of the week all week.

Blank "All about me" posters are sent home that previous Friday for Students/Parents to work on and decorate over the weekend. You may draw pictures, copy pictures, paste photos, cut out magazine pictures etc. Posters are to return to school to share with the class on Monday. Your child will also be able to bring in a share item on the Friday of his/her week. It is requested that non-living items be brought to school. The only share days we have in class are for the star of that particular week.

Please see class list to anticipate when your student might be star of the week.
__Rocco Aklah
__Isaac Casaus
__Pany Darling
__Dayton Durham
__Preston Garcia De la Vega
__Leilanee Gonzalez
__Rylee Guthrie
__Alex Hentschel
__Dylan Lange
__Lilly Mock
__Bella Moreno
__Liam Murphy
__Emily Ortiz
__Brandon Perez-Vazquez
__Nathan Ramirez
__Amelia Reiss
__Zaira Reyes
__Lexi Rodriguez
__Alyssa Sheridan
__Mishelle Trujillo-Uribe
__Dennis Valencia
__Tristan Villalobos
__Lily Weakland
​__Marley Martin
__Phenix Maines

Parent Volunteers
An email has been sent to all parent volunteers ( M-F volunteers, Book Bridges Volunteers, and Take home volunteers) please fill out a MEGANS LAW form and have the office take a copy of your drivers license for All parent helpers( Even if you are just coming in to help with a classroom celebration).

In class volunteers will start Sept 14th
I am still on the look out for a room parent and an additional Book bridges parent. Thank you.
Common Core Math Website and games
Here is a great resource for explaining our new common core adopted math program. Here you will find our new standards, vocabulary, helpful suggestions on what to do at home, and some VERY engaging and fun learning games online. Just click the link in regards to the topic you would like to learn more about and scroll to the bottom where you will find the math games.
Hedi Songs
Many parents have asked me" Where do you find those wonderful sight word songs that my child keeps wonderfully singing night and day?"
Hedi Songs are written and performed by a highly wonderful teacher. Below I have posted a direct link to her website where you can access some of her videos. She also has some amazing free resources and videos!

Language Arts Treasures Program
Some of you have asked me about the available resources parents have to our Language Arts Program names Treasures. Here is a direct link that will take you to a list of wonderful activities and online games that follow our reading program!
NY engage common core math
So many parent s have asked me what is common core? What is NY Engage? And What are these homework pages my child keeps bringing home( haha)!
Answer: NY engage is an added amendment to our math curriculum that is based on the new common core state standards implemented this year. It is a rigorous program that challenges young minds and delves into lessons with a deeper understanding of how students reason and engage in Math.
Here is a wonderful parent resource that has been found that deeper explains each lesson we teach and the homework that accompanies it. To fins the lessons number please look at the right hand corner of your child's worksheet/homework (Ex: Module 1 lesson A)
Have Fun!
Parent Meeting
In our Kindergarten orientation we will cover the following topics, but here they are ahead of time for your quick reference.
I have also posted a quick link to our Wildwood Parent Resource page on my links to the right hand side.

- Behavior chart: cards are green=great! , yellow=warning, red= 5 min time out and a note home.
-Homework: Homework will be done monthly. Please refer to your packet for instructions. Homework is due the last Friday of every month.( With the exception of holidays). Please note reading log/book bridges/sight word review is part of daily homework.
Tests-Please check your child's folder every Monday for tests that require parent signature. These tests need to be signed and then returned to me the next day.
Book Bridges : Book bridges stay inside the back and travel with the student every day. Your child must be able to read the whole book in order to move to the next book. Book Bridges parent will be here to read with the kids every Tuesday and Thursday.
Best way to message me is by email.....see contacts.
Class Webpage:
Please check our webpage weekly for announcements or you can join our Fusion Page by clicking join this page at the top of the screen. It will send you an email automatically when I update the class page.

Thank you in advance for sharing your child with me this year!
A New School Year
Welcome parents to a new school year! I am looking forward to getting to know you and your student.

Kindergarten is a very special time for your child. Please take the time to ask your child what they learned in school today.
-Read with your student every night and fill out the reading log.
-Review student book bag words and practice them.
-Homework is weekly and needs to be returned on Fridays
How do I join Mrs. O's Fusion Page?
It's simple......just click join this page and fill out the correct contact information ( e-mail and student id number will be needed) and notification of my announcements will pop up into your e-mail account instantly.

Join our wonderful page to keep up on events, announcements, and classroom activities. Also your child will recieve a free cd of our classroom songs if you join. Thanks.
 Class Newsletters
Copies of our class newsletters that are sent at the beginning of each month.
Homework by week
 Math Newsletters
These are Parent Math News letters that help explain what we are learning this week in math and how students are learning it. A great vocabulary resource.
Discussion Topics
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